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Properties of Abshar dough – Part Two

    Abshar mint dough

    Properties of Abshar dough

    To make the Ayran even more tasty, mint, peppermint, thyme or leaves of the red roses and other distillations are usually used, which also contribute to recovery.

    Abshar Ayran

    abshar dough

    abshar dough

    The peppermint dough or the mint dough are very suitable against bloating, abdominal pain or intestinal complaints.

    All Ayran variations cool the mouth area and ensure better blood circulation in the body and facilitate the digestion of the meal, disinfect the metabolic system and sometimes eliminate the hiccups, improve the liver performance and interrupt the diarrhea caused by the heat.

    The dough with Mohammadi rose petals is particularly fragrant, strengthening and calming at the same time and gives vitality and freshness and is very useful against bad breath.

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