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abshar Dough products

Dough Abshar

Exceptional specialties of the Persian cuisine

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The Enjoyment of the Special - Dough Abshar

Abshar Dough – The Idea behind Abshar is to support people feeling good and to pamper themselves. Therefor we offer Abshar Products of exceptional quality for culinary enjoyment on the highest level. This simple principle for pampering enjoyment is the base and the core of the Abshar brand. With Abshar, we offer food of very special quality, which makes you instantly able to prepare taste for the senses comfortable, because Abshar is easily available by well managed beverage trades. Of course Abshar products are suitable for foods of the oriental cuisine, but especially also for the modern gourmet cuisine.

I wish you with Abshar moments of perfect enjoyment.

Enjoy the nature.


M. Saki

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