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Abshar Dough is a milk drink made from a mixture of pasteurized yogurt, water, essential vegetable oils, and salt. This product contains an average of 50% of the ingredients and nutritional value of yogurt. Since no additives or preservatives are used in its production, it is not only a valuable food, but also very important for the health of consumers.

What is Dough?

What is Dough ?

    What is Dough? The word dough is an objective adjective of the verb “to melk”, so it literally means “milked”. Dough is one of the most famous traditional drinks in… Read More »What is Dough ?

    History of ayran Dough

    History of Dough

      History of Dough In the past, dough was a by-product of butter. For production, high-fat yoghurt was first diluted with water and then its fat was separated using musk and… Read More »History of Dough